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Textured Surface Graphic Application
Application of Vinyl to any textured surface can take a wall and turn it into revenue producing billboard space. It can transform a blank wall into a piece of artwork and preserve the integrity of the building at the same time. Banners and signs have to be mounted with hardware that can cause damage to the surface of the building. Miller Decals has been trained exclusively to use the proper technique to assure outstanding results on a wide array of various textured surfaces. There are no limits to what kind of buildings can be wrapped, textured surfaces like brick or stucco to windows or smooth surfaces! This modern form of graphics is the future in the sign industry and Miller Decals, LLC is more than ready for the transition. Review examples here!
Unique Graphic Application

Vinyl has become a hot commodity and can be applied to almost any surface. This enables your product or service to be seen virtually anywhere. Miller Decals, LLC has covered many items. The variety of media includes: Planes, Trains, Motorcycles, Boats, Helicopters, Race Cars, Golf Carts, Roller Coasters, Airplane Hangers, Stadium Walls, Back Packs, Ice Cream Carts, Four Wheelers, Coffins, Pool Tables, Personal Electronic Devices, Cell Phones, Wheel covers, Stove Vent Hoods, etc… The point is, anything can be covered and Miller Decals, LLC can do the job! Review examples here!

Large Vehicle Wraps and Fleet Graphics

Miller Decals has been installing all types of vinyl on a diverse range of vehicles for over 30 years. The industry has changed a lot and the materials have gotten better over time as well as our ability to be ever changing to meet the demands of the trade. We can also advise you on materials to use or not and ways to help enhance your design ideas and complement the structure of the specific vehicle intended to wrap. Vehicle wraps have become a prominent advertising marketplace and Jim Miller has proven to be the best Wrapper in North America. If you are looking for flawless professional advertising installation, Miller Decals is the company to call!

Miller Decals got its start in 1982 installing Fleet Graphics. We are able to install full vinyl application to truck and trailer or apply spot graphics. You will be amazed at the speed that these graphics can be applied! The repetition and location of most fleet graphics allows Miller Decals to surpass the industry standard rate of productivity. Some of the fleet lines Miller Decals has installed are: Little Debbie Snack Cakes, Home Depot, Rooms to Go, PAM, Coke, Wal-mart, J. B. Hunt, KLLM, Anheuser-Bush, Budweiser, Miller Brewing Company, US Postal Service, and McDonalds.

We can also provide removal of large vehicle wraps, including the necessary expertise, chemicals, and equipment to do so efficiently. Review examples here!

Standard Vehicle Wraps

Miller Decals, LLC has been installing vehicle wraps for over 3 decades. Vehicle body styles have changed a lot over the years, but our commitment to expert technique of application has not. The quality of our work has been tested. We are presently ranked number 1 in North America by The Federation of Screen and Digital Printers Associations (FESPA). If you want your vehicle to have a flawless application of vinyl that will increase your businesses exposure to the marketplace, call Jim!

We can also provide removal of standard vehicle wraps, including the necessary expertise, chemicals, and equipment to do so efficiently. Review examples here!

Window, Wall, Floor and Ceiling Applications

Glass and window films can transform plain glass and capture the look of cut, etched or sandblasted glass to an astonishing degree! This will allow you to tailor the amount of light or privacy a space can possess. Miller Decals has applied these to: Conference rooms, Lobbies, Retail environments, Residential settings, Private offices, Exterior windows, Partitions and Patios.

Wall graphics offer solutions for short term‚ long term‚ and any application in between. Some vinyl finishes aesthetically resemble real wood, metal or stone and other types of natural materials or surfaces to an astonishing degree. They deliver the look you want, at the price you need. These can be applied in situations to the existing surface, reducing labor and material cost for renovations or new construction drastically. There are films that will work on virtually any surface‚ including rough wall surfaces such as brick. We can work together to create a whole new look, quickly and inexpensively!

We can also provide removal of vinyl graphics, including the necessary expertise, chemicals, and equipment to do so efficiently. Review examples here!

Museum and Trade Show Graphics

Miller Decals, LLC services include the essential skills and resources to produce any exhibit project from traditional graphics to three-dimensional displays. Our personnel include experienced specialists in the areas of graphic installation and all types of sign erection. Our versatility of services allows us to work in a changing environment of installation needs. We are licensed and insured and install signs according to local codes, UL requirements and OSHA standards. From applying window films or graphics to hanging banners, your project is our challenge. We are ready to help! Review examples here!

New Development

If you would like to add the finishing touch to your wrap experience, we can tint your windows at the same time. Ask us about the added benefit of UV protection!

Window Tinting

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