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  • 2017 Events Highlights

    November 20, Miller Decals features on the ORAFOL Restyling website

    Miller Decals features on the ORAFOL Restyling website

    Check it out here!

    November 15-16, Miller Decals hosting an Avery Supreme Wrapping film class

    We had a very successful class, cannot wait to host another one next year!

    Miller Decals hosting an Avery Supreme Wrapping film class

    October 10-12, SGIA in New Orleans, LA

    Jim was atSGIA in New Orleans, LA October 10th - 12th with Orafol demonstrating in Booth #233. Hope you did stop by and say hello!

    Miller Decals Demo at SGIA in New Orleans, LA

    Check it out here!

    July 20-22, Miller Decals as part of THE NBM SHOW and WRAPSCON

    Miller Decals as part of THE NBM SHOW and WRAPSCON

    Check it out here!

    We are happy to announce that Miller Decals has being invited to Long Beach, California, July 20-22 as part of THE NBM SHOW and WRAPSCON at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center. Jim Miller will be a part of the WRAPSCONNECT discussion panel. This event will be inside the convention center at 8 a.m. on Thursday, July 20 and Starla Miller will be a judge in the WRAPSCON Wrap Olympics!

    Feburary 13, Mactac Application Nation Authorized

    Jim Miller at Miller Decal is officially has been "Mactac Application Nation Authorized", such an honor!

    Jim Miller Mactac Authorized Installer

    Check it out here!

    January 18, PDAA Committee Meets, Jim Miller Elected Chair

    At SGIA’s annual Congress of Committees, held this month in Florida, the PDAA Steering Committee met to discuss future directions for PDAA and ongoing trends that profoundly affect the installation community... Among actions taken by the committee was the election of Jim Miller of Miller Decals. Congratulations Jim! We are proud of you!

    Jim Miller as Chairman at PDAA Committee 2017
  • 2016 Events Highlights

    November 1-4, The SEMA Show 2016 took over Las Vegas

    Jim along with other World-renowned installers combined for 11 full car wraps on a Gas Monkey Racing racecar over the four day trade show.

    SEMA 2016

    Checkout the full article here!

    Wrapcon 2016

    In June, Jim joined the other best graphics installers and the leading manufacturers and distributors in the business at Wrapscon. They shared tips and tricks, install techniques, and the latest products to boost this rapidly growing market.

    FESPA 2016

    In March, FESPA 2016 – World Wrap Masters in Amsterdam Netherlands

    Jim Miller crowned as the World Wrap Master Champion for 2016. Jim earned his trophy with a well fought and solid performance as he handled every challenge with speed, skill and consistency. Read the review here!

  • 2015 Events Highlights

    In February, Jim traveled to Miami, Florida to the Graphics of the Americas show. He competed in the American Wrap and placed 3rd out of 28 competitors.  Throughout the show, he demonstrated Knifeless Tape to the attendees to create more awareness of this valuable wrap tool.

    March 4-6, Miller Decals hosted an Arlon Certification class taught by Richie Daize where we did many knifeless designs on a new corvette and also showed the class how to do clean inlays with Knifeless on deep recesses. There were 10 students in this class from 5 different shops from GA, TN, OH, SC, and AZ.

    March 13-14, Justin Pate and Miller Decals hosted another Avery Wrap Class. There were 17 students in attendance for this class representing 14 different shops in 11 different states.

    March 23-25, Jim completed the DI NOC Certification training course at 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    ISA Show

    Jim at ISA Show in Vegas demonstrating Knifeless.

    April 9-12, Jim went to the ISA Show in Vegas. He worked some with Phil to demo Knifeless there at the show.  (He also won second place in the Hexis Wrap Battle)

    April 20-22, Jim hosted a class for Ritrama customers who were looking for some individualized training. He introduced them to knifeless and showed them how to use it.

    June 4-6, The Miller Decals crew attended The NBM Show in Indianapolis, IN. Jim was in the Fellers booth wrapping an Audi R8 with four other installers. They completed an entire wrap, twice a day at the show.  The Masters of Branding was also well represented and had their first booth. Jim worked along the side of these guys to display their skill sets using a variety of 3M, Arlon, Avery, and Ritrama's vinyl.  Two of our crew entered the WrapsCon Wrap Cup Competition.  One of our crew,  Nathan Patrick, came in 7th and made it past numerous worthy competitors.  It was impressive considering it was his first competition.

    June 10-12, Jim went to the World of Wheels show with Phil Aquin and  Chuck Courtois  to wrap a  Ferrari F430 and displayed Knifeless tape with Phil and Chuck.

    July 13-16, Jim went  to 3M in Minnesota to become Knifeless Accredited. This was a rigorous testing of skill and use of the knifeless tape. He was one of only 6 to be in the very first class for this brand new certification.  Thank you very much for including us in the first class! It was a privilege to be selected.

    August 12-13, Justin Pate and Miller Decals hosted another Avery Wraps Class. There were also 17 students in attendance, representing 12 different shops and 8 states for this training/testing course. We did demos on a new Camaro with knifeless accents and stripes showing the class how to make pin stripes beside big stripes and leaving clean reveals in the body lines with Tri-Line. The Camaro we did won second place in a car show later this year.

    August 17-19, The Masters of Branding(MOB) held an advanced Wrap class at Miller Decals for their members. There were 15 installers present for this class representing 14 different shops.  Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute and Llumar Specialty films worked with the MOB to improve their Solid Color Wrap skill and Introduce them to the Llumar Paint Protection Film. We introduced the new Knifeless to Llumar and made videos for the Wrap Institute showing how well it cuts chrome.

    November 10-13, Miller Decals will be at two shows, SEMA in Vegas and SGIA in Atlanta working in booths. At SEMA Jim will be in Frank Fellers booth wrapping an R8 three times a day and also competing in the Arlon wrap contest and doing a wrap for the TV show Chop, Cut, Rebuild which has not been announced yet (top Secret).  We will be wrapping a 1972 Cuda with a Knifeless design that will be aired on National Television at least  6 times during 2016. At SGIA we have an installer working the Mimaki booth doing demos with 3M vinyl and then wrapping the whole vehicle during the show.

  • 2014 Events Highlights

    Jim demonstrtrating in tape technologies booth SEMA 2014

    (pic1) Jim demonstrtrating in tape technologies booth SEMA 2014

    Tape Technologies booth SEMA 2014

    (pic2) Tape Technologies booth SEMA 2014

    Jim completed the Arlon Certification course at the Paint Is Dead facility in February 2014. At that training, he competed in his first speed wrap to set a record.

    In June 2014, Jim became involved with The Masters of Branding, or MOB. The MOB was developed as a group of top notch installers that are aspiring to join forces to help with the demands of the graphics industry. They are creating a network across the miles that is more of a brotherhood with a wealth of information shared to improve everyone's skills and business.

    FESPA Mexico 21-23 August 2014, Mexico City, Mexico

    September 11-13, Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute and Miller Decals hosted an Avery Wrap Class. There were 23 attendees who came to learn about installing vinyl and test out their skills. This included people from 6 states and one from the Netherlands.

    In November, Miller Decals traveled to SEMA to represent 3M and Tape Technologies. The 3M booth hosted a Wrap 2 Wrap Competition where two teams competed for the title. It was an exciting event with Jim, Steve Hargittai of Florida Car Wraps and Dustin Shelly placing first. (see pic1 and pic2)

  • London, “WRAP Cup Master” Grand Final


    (pic1) WRAP Cup Master Winners


    (pic2) Team Knifeless

    Vehicle wrappers from around the world came together to compete for the highly acclaimed title of global “WRAP Cup Master” Grand Final at FESPA 2013 in London, 25-29 June 2013

    Numerous vehicle wrappers around the world competed in regional competitions since 2010, the winners of those qualifying competitions competed at FESPA 2013 for the global Wrap Cup Master title.

    The contestants battled it out through several rounds across three exciting days! Jim Miller went head-to-head and competed against 28 other regional winners and was crowned the 4th ultimate FESPA Wrap Cup Masters Champion!

    Congratulations to the top three: 1st place winner - Piotr Cinski of Poland , 2nd place - John Duever of St. Louis, Missouri, USA and 3rd place - Kiss Lajos of Hungary.(As pictured from left to right: Jim Miller, Piotr Cinski, John Duever and Kiss Lajos) (Pic1)

    Team Knifeless USA competed for the first time ever for the Cup of Nations title. This event was for national teams of two wrappers (more than one team per country could enter). Team Knifeless consisted of Jim Miller of Atlanta, GA and John Duever of St. Louis Missouri. They took the 2nd Place Prize. Congratulations to the 1st place winners - Kiss Lajos of Hungary and Mingo Richter of the Schluchtis Team. (Pic2)

    Check out the interview with Jim and John below:

  • Whole fleet of AMA Pro Sportbike

    AMA Pro Sportbike

    Miller Decals wrapped the whole fleet of AMA Pro Sportbike. Jason DiSalvo placing 4th on his Triumph motorcycle. Check it out!

  • Porsche GT Race Car, Wrapped!

    Porsche GT Race Car, Wrapped by Miller Decals

    Miller Decals wrapped Porsche GT Race Car for Jack Baldwin who won featured in Auto week. Check it out!

  • Hall of Fame

    Jim Miller in the Hall of Fame from Wrap Masters

    Jim Miller is in the Hall of Fame from Wrap-Masters! Check it out!

  • Jim won 3rd Place at European Wrap Star

    Jim Miller, 3rd Place at European Wrap Star 2012.

    Jim Miller placed 3RD at EUROPEAN WRAP STAR 2012! Check it out!

  • Wrapping for the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

    Look for the Pink Truck in the movie.

    Look for the "pink" truck in the movie

    Wrapping the airplane for the movie.

    Do you see us working on the plane that is in the movie?

    Miller Decals wrapped several vehicles for the upcoming movie, "What to Expect When You're Expecting." The wrapped vehicles included two food trucks, an airplane and several pink golf carts! The movie will be out in theaters on May 18, 2012. Look for our work!

  • New Orleans, Jim Miller was invited to SGIA by LA Ritrama

    Show Case in NEW ORLEANS.

    SGIA Show in New Orleans, Ritrama invited Jim to display their unique vinyl at their booth during the show. Read the newsletter here!

Amazing people , outstanding achievements . Would love to go back here!

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